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Single-Lever Mixers vs Double-Lever Mixers

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Single-Lever Mixers vs Double-Lever Mixers

When choosing between taps, there are two options in function to consider before selecting a style that suits your tastes.

Single lever or two-handle taps are the first decision you need to make in order to narrow your choices.  It may seem like a simple difference, but the functioning of the two is very different.

Single lever taps are easier to use, and save water.  When you're in the bathroom and brushing your teeth, or washing dishes in the sink, you can easily turn the tap on and off while also adjusting the water temperature.  With a double (two) tap handle, you can only adjust either hot or cold at the same time.  Its faster to adjust the temperature with a single lever tap, which will save water when waiting for your desired temperature.

Another consideration is the slight energy savings of a single lever mixer.  70 - 95% of the human population is right hand dominant.  The hot water tap is always to the left of the spout, so if you're brushing your teeth with your right hand, and want to easily turn the tap, your natural movement will be with your left hand to the left tap, which would release hot water.  You may not acutally want hot water, but because its convenient, you use it which in turn increases the heating requirements in your geyser.

A two-handle mixer requires less maintenance, as there is no cermaic catridge used to mix the hot and cold water.  When it comes down to which is better, they are both good choices, and the look you're going for will probably steer you towards one or the other.  You can't go wrong, and we hope you'll have many wonderfull years of turning on the water with whatever lever style you choose.

Comments (3)
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