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How much will it Cost to Renovate my Bathroom?

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How much will it Cost to Renovate my Bathroom?

Renovating bathrooms & kitchens can be costly relative to other rooms in your house, but they have the biggest impact on your home, in the design, saleability, and asking price you can get.

There are too many factors to provide an exact amount of how much it will cost.  The size of your bathroom will be the biggest determinate in how much it costs to renovate.

Factors to keep in mind are how much of the bathroom needs to be renovated, and how much can be left?  A lot of people will rather redo the entire bathroom, because if something is outdated or looking old, most likely everything else in the bathroom  is also in need of a face lift.  With a little inginuity and design, old looking items can get a facelift to look new again.

The costs to keep in mind will be the tradesman, floors, walls, lighting, counter tops, and sanitary ware.  Starrting with a budget will allow you to be realistic in what you can and can't do, and will make the shopping experience easier, as you'll be able to narrow your search for items within your budget.

Countertops, like granite, it can be really costly.  Especially if you're doing a kitchen.  Some ways to keep the costs done are to look for stones with some imperfections in them.  A basin or kitchen sink can take up a significant amount of space, and if you're able to lay out the countertop where the imperfections will be in the sink area, you'll be able to save a lot by buying a discounted countertop, and cutting out the imperfections.  Another opion is to remove your outdated sink and replace it with an old chest of drawers, or other furniture, and place a free standing basin on top.  This is something that can be done by yourself, and will need a little know how, but can create a fresh new look, thats different to the standard.  If you've got DIY ability, you can even create your own concrete countertop.  There are many yotube videos on this, and it can be done in a weekend.

Paint is the cheapest way to uplift your bathroom & kithcen.  Remember that bathrooms get lots of water, and need an enamel based paint to prevent mold and mildew.  Paint is also something the average DIYer can do, but will take more time than anitciapted. You can now get matt enamel paint, which provides the water protection properties, without the glossy finish.  This can be a good way to have the same texture throughout your home.

Tiles are expensive, and modern bathroom design doesn't necasirly need wall tiles.  An alternative is to remove the current outdated wall tiles and plaster the walls.  An excellent waterproofing plaster is Coprox.  Its pricey, so only use it in areas that will get wet, but the product really works well, and can even be used in showers. When measureing the amount of tiles you;ll need, add an extra 10% to account for cuts.  Tiles can cost anywhere from R 100 - R 800 per sq/m, so the price of the tiles will really make a difference to your pocket.  You can get a great looking tile for around R 120 - R 170 sq/m.

Tradesman costs will vary greatly, but a good budget to start with is around R1,000 - R 2,000 per day for tilers & painters, and R2,500 - R 5,000 per day for plumbers & electricians.

Sanitary Ware has varying costs as well, and depends on how much you want to spend.  A basin can cost anywhere from a few hundred rand up to thousands of rands.  The same applies to toilets.  A simple closed couple suite can be around R1,500, while a conclead cistern toilet can be around R3,500. Bathroom accesories, like towel rails and paper holders are relatively inexpensive, and while there are price differences between the brands, we higly recomend spending a little more and going for quality, as the cheaper accesories tend to get loose after time.

Overall the cost of renovating a bathroom will depend on many factors.  Most of them can be adjusted based on the price ranges of the products you choose.  Using a trusted tradesman to do the work is something you shouldn't skimp on.  Its better to go with less expensive products and a good quality installer, than the reverse.

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